Isn't EdUBudgie Linux just another Ubuntu clone?

This is most definitely a question which WILL be asked, and it is a valid one at that. As an English teacher it is my belief that for society to thrive, education must be free, available, comprehensive, and of the highest quality possible, regardless of physical location, age, gender, sex, race, religious affiliation, nationality, etc., etc., etc.

I am an English teacher from the United State of America living and working in Istanbul, Turkey at a private school these days. I have also had the privelege to work with students from an inner-city school in Upstate New York, and have seen the incredible variation in the quality of education offered to students from not only the varied perspectives of two different countries but more importantly, from the perspective of more than a few very different income classes as well. This variation drives me to try to enable students of all backgrounds and all walks-of-life to have similar opportunities of the highest quality.

With this in mind, my general overarching philosophy, and by extension the philosophy of this project, is to give away whatever tools possible to as many students and educators as possible. If I could pay for each and every child's education up through and including higher educations myself, I would, but that isn't within my abilities. What IS within my ability though is to offer this - a version of Ubuntu setup out-of-the-box with as many high quality tools as are available. By its very nature of course FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is of course free, and offers a great starting point.

There will be Linux purists who believe that only FOSS software should be included with any GNU/Linux offering, a philosophy spearheaded by Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation. While this is a wonderful ideology to aspire to it is simply unattainable today. Proprietary software exists and is in many cases very high quality. One could even argue that it is proprietary software which enables FOSS to exist in the first place. One puts food on the tables of developers and pays the bills of traditional software corporations while the other advances society as a whole, creating a community of developers that otherwise might not be able to exist.

While the idea of a FOSS-only education-focused Ubuntu project is something to work towards for the future, in practice it is not a realistic goal at present. First and foremost this project aims to put the highest quality tools into the hands of as many students and educators as possible and proprietary software is simply required in order to do that - today. Only time can tell what tomorrow holds.

Your comments on this matter are more than welcome and anywhere that we can work towards a more-FOSS focused project, we will strive to. Please see the contact page for how to get in touch with me about this and anything else that comes to mind regarding the project.

Below is a bit more about the philosophy which addreses some of the criticisms that exist about EdUBudgie Linux: