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What's new with EdUBudgie Linux?

25MAR23: EdUBudgie Linux 22.04.1 Lite Edition Now Available!

As of today you can head on over to the Download page and try out the smaller more svelte EdUBudgie Linux Lite version based on the up-to-date 22.04.1 release.  Most packages have been updated (though you should always update after an install!) and this version has been optimized for smaller SSD's like those found in low-end Chromebooks.  This runs extremely well with a dual core Celeron N4000 processor and 4GB of system memory with only 32GB of drive space and will have about 15GB of free space to use after installation.  Check it out and email me with your comments!

13JUL22: EdUBudgie Linux vs. Windows: Google Chrome Usage

Checkout this video if your teachers or administrators are concerned about using their favorite classroom tools in Google Chrome.  This is a common question and the fact is that Chrome works exactly the same in EdUBudgie as it does in Windows and ChromeOS.  There is zero loss of functionality when running EdUBudgie Linux compared to the alternatives with regards to the commonly used internet tools.

11JUL22: EdUBudgie 22.04 LTS Intro

Checkout this video to get a brief overview of what EdUBudgie Linux 22.04 LTS looks and feels like.  Head on over to the Download page and give it a try if you like what you see!  And if you have questions or comments then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to sort you out or point you in the right direction.  Feedback is always super helpful, too, so don't be shy about telling us what you think, good or bad, and we will do our best to improve.  

11JUL22: EdUBudgie Linux vs. Windows: Head-to-Head Feature Comparison

Checkout this video to see just how EdUBudgie Linux holds up against Windows with Office in a direct head-to-head comparison.  When you are ready to make the change and save some dough for your school in the process, have a look at the Download page for how to get your completely free and redistributable copy of EdUBudgie Linux today!

08JUL22: EdUBudgie 22.04 torrent available now!

You can now use bittorrent to download your copy of EdUBUdgie Linux if you prefer, or you can checkout the Download page for other download options.  

If you're not sure how to use torrents you can start by getting and installing the free program Transmission as a torrent client first.  Then come back here, click the torrent link, and open that small torrent file with Transmission.  If you have troubles then feel free to contact us for help.  

And don't worry, torrents aren't (only) used for downloading movies and adult stuff illegally.  There is nothing wrong with using torrents when the content is shared by the person who made it or with permission from them.  Your internet service provider will NOT complain about this one, that's a promise, a guarantee from us.  

If you like Transmission you can also install it in EdUBudgie Linux by opening the software center totally for free after you have put EdUBudgie on your machine.  Lastly, please SEED the torrent to help spread the love!

15JUN22: EdUBudgie turns 22.04!

EdUBudgie Linux has turned 22.04 with the release of the newest version based on Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 after two long years!  This includes the addition of Active Directory support baked in along with a host of updates and the 5.15 LTS kernel by default.  Along with the updates that have been made to Ubuntu Budgie itself, EdUBudgie Linux has some changes which are unique to it as well, such as the inclusion of the Gnome Text Editor as opposed to gedit, removal of LibreOffice, addition of Blanket and BreakTimer, and many, many more customizations tailored for teachers and students.  Head on over to the Download page and give it a try!

13JUN22: Help EdUBudgie get onto Distrowatch with just a click!

If you have the time, it would be GREATLY appreciated if you could go to Distrowatch and click on the "Recommend" button next to EdUBudgie.  With enough votes and some time, hopefully EdUBudgie will make it's way onto the distribution list and can realy pick up some steam that way.  Thanks in advance for your support and help!

12JUN22: EdUBudgie gets a new logo

In order to better represent the mission and vision of EdUBudgie Linux, the logo has now been changed to an open book.  The EdUBudgie open book not only represents the mostly open source nature of EdUBudgie Linux, but also the idea that a students' mind is an open (and some might say empty) journal, waiting to be filled with all of life's lessons.  We here at EdUBudgie Linux hope to have the opportunity to help fill the pages of your students' minds through the use of this free, stable, and most importantly secure alternative operating system.  

18JAN22: Quick EdUBudgie Update

Just a quick update about what's been going on with EdUBudgie Linux lately.  While I haven't uploaded any new ISO's recently, work has been continuing and I am currently making some major decisions about the future of EdUBudgie Linux.  Have a look at this video and comment below if you have an opinion on which way I should go for the upcoming 2022 release!

28MAY21:  EdUBudgie Lite version available for download now!

EdUBudgie Lite has been introduced and is available for download after some great feedback online about the size of the EdUBudgie Linux Full Experience.  While this version has fewer education-centric programs pre-installed, it should still serve as a great base from which a student or teacher can begin their journey into the Linuxsphere.  Both versions are available for free and can be downloaded by visiting our Download page.  More information will be coming on this version soon!

21MAY21: EdUBudgie Linux has joined the Open Invention Network!

We have joined the Open Invention Network, an organization which include 3400+ members and helps in the fight against patent aggression.  For more information, check out their site here.  

08MAY21: EdUBudgie Linux article published in Linux Magazine

Recently I wrote an article about EdUBudgie Linux in Linux Magazine which you can preview at the following link:

A Clone on a Mission

You may also buy a copy of the magazine with the entire article to support Linux New Media at the site listed above, or buy a subscription if interested!