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What's new with EdUBudgie Linux?

18JAN22: Quick EdUBudgie Update

Just a quick update about what's been going on with EdUBudgie Linux lately. While I haven't uploaded any new ISO's recently, work has been continuing and I am currently making some major decisions about the future of EdUBudgie Linux. Have a look at this video and comment below if you have an opinion on which way I should go for the upcoming 2022 release!

28MAY21: EdUBudgie Lite version available for download now!

EdUBudgie Lite has been introduced and is available for download after some great feedback online about the size of the EdUBudgie Linux Full Experience. While this version has fewer education-centric programs pre-installed, it should still serve as a great base from which a student or teacher can begin their journey into the Linuxsphere. Both versions are available for free and can be downloaded by visiting our Download page. More information will be coming on this version soon!

21MAY21: EdUBudgie Linux has joined the Open Invention Network!

We have joined the Open Invention Network, an organization which include 3400+ members and helps in the fight against patent aggression. For more information, check out their site here.

08MAY21: EdUBudgie Linux article published in Linux Magazine

Recently I wrote an article about EdUBudgie Linux in Linux Magazine which you can preview at the following link:

A Clone on a Mission

You may also buy a copy of the magazine with the entire article to support Linux New Media at the site listed above, or buy a subscription if interested!