Included Apps

What is the user experience like on EdUBudgie Linux?

As EdUBudgie Linux aims to be used primarily by students and teachers, it includes several apps which are intended for usage in class along with many of the typical Ubuntu Budgie applications, and a few oddball programs that just seemed like they could be useful for students and staff.

Since schools oftentimes rely heavily on Google Chrome and Chromebooks, of course Chrome extensions will work without any problem within the standard browser. Other browsers are available in the software store and the user can choose to add a browser at the welcome screen.

This compilation should work well on most x86-based Chromebooks with at least 4GB of system memory such as the Acer C720/C720P 4GB version along with many others. This will also of course work well on standard x86-based computers such as laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, etc.

A complete listing of the packages which are incuded in EBL can be found here. Below you can find brief descriptions of some of the pre-installed programs found on EBL:


This is (a slightly customized version of) what you will see when you first boot up EdUBudgie Linux

File Explorer

EdUBudgie has a familiar-feeling file explorer that any Windows, Macos, or Linux user will find easy to navigate


The default browser in EBL is Chromium-based so anyone with a Google Chrome account can sign-in and be up and running in no time


The Geary email application is a full-featured Linux alternative to Microsoft Outlook and, once logged into Online Accounts in the Settings menu, you will find this all setup and ready for you


EBL comes with a basic calendar built-in which will show you events from any of your online accounts along with a few days worth of local weather for your convenience

Settings Menu

You will find most of your settings in an easy-to-use menu with plenty of options for new and seasoned users alike

Main Menu

The main menu is the default Budgie main menu which wasn't changed (yet) because it works quite well for most users and should be familiar for those coming from a Windows-based machine


The LibreOffice suite is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office with some very nice features and reasonable compatibility with Microsoft's products

WPS Office

The WPS Office was also included even though LibreOffice is in this because it tends to be very compatible with Microsoft and is very familiar to Office users as it mimics the Microsoft product in look and feel very well


FocusWriter is another writing program which was chosen for its ease-of-use and the fact that a student can easily write reams on it without distraction (and teachers can easily see from afar that a student is using it)

Scribus Publisher

Scribus is software for creating publishable documents such as brochures, pamphlets, calendars, etc., and is a nice companion app to LibreOffice or WPS Office as it can be used in place of Microsoft Publisher


This compilation includes a rather generic-looking but easy-to-use dictionary for quickly finding the meaning of a term and so that you can rely a bit less on Google to do so


Belnder is a 3D modeling and animation software that has a ton of features and is used by professionals worldwide


DarkTable is made for editing photo files and comes with many tools to give your photos a professional touch

Dia Diagram Software

Dia can be used to make tons of different diagrams, brainstorms, process and workflow models, and much, much more and can be thought of as a decent replacement for Microsoft Visio

Gimp Image Editor

Gimp is a fantastic image creator and editor which would probably be best described as somewhere far above Microsoft Paint but without quite everything that Adobe Photoshop has in terms of features (and for that matter, confusion too!)

InkScape Vector Graphics Editor

InkScape is an image editor made specifically for vector graphics such as the icons on your desktop among other things, though InkScape can handle more than just .svg files too

MindMaster Brainstorming App

MindMaster is a wonderful process and workflow application along the line of Microsoft Visio that is perhaps a bit more reliant on templates than Dia and can in some cases be somewhat more restrictive than it, but similar in terms of usage

Open Broadcast Studio

The OBS Studio software is made for recording and broadcasting video from a variety of sources and is used by many YouTubers today as it has most of the features that one would need for creating live or recorded videos such as those found on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms of that sort

KDenlive Video Editor

Kdenlive is a video editor with many of the features that a professional video editor would use but under the free and open source license of course

KWord Quiz Flash Cards

KWord Quiz is made for creating flashcards for use in basically all aspects of education either by students or teachers to test key concepts such as vocabulary, rules, important dates, etc.


LibreCAD is a free AutoCAD alternative used for creating 2D CAD models for engineering students among others

Scratch Programming

Scratch uses the popular Scratch programming language with an easy-to-understand graphical interface to introduce students to programming

Atom Code Editor

Atom is an expandable code editor which allows for the extensive use of plugins meaning that it can be used for virtually any coding language imaginable


BASIC 256 is a BASIC emulator to either run older programs originally created in BASIC or to create new and innovative programs in the simple-to-learn language

Geany Code Editor

Geany is a full-featured code editor and is the favorite of many coders today, not only in the world of Linux

Calibre EBook Suite

Calibre is an ebook suite that supports many formats of ebooks and can convert from one format to another, organize your library, and open the world of digital books up to the user in a way that few other ebook programs can do

Feed Reader for RSS Feeds

Feed Reader is an easy-to-use RSS feed reader which allows for the user to login to accounts that they already have with many popular RSS reader software already such as Feedly among others

Kalzium Chemistry Helper

Kalzium is a chemistry applicatin with a ton of uses ranging from simply giving the typical characteristics of any of the elements to telling about the radioactivity of them to even helping the user to balance chemical equations quickly and easily and should be included with any chemistry teacher's or student's toolkit

KGeography Quiz App

KGeography is a simple geography tool showing the main characteristics of any location such as the capital, states or provinces, etc., of a given location with the capability to make quick quizzes for use by students or in class by teachers

TI Linking Software

TI calculators are heavily used in schools today and this software allows the user to link their computer to their calculator to send over programs, notes, etc., just as one would with the Windows application

Qalculate Calculator

Qalculate is not your typical calculator app (which is also included in EBL) as Qalculate has some very advanced features such as integration and differentiation among many, many, many, more and can use variables, built-in values such as pi, and of course standard numbers, too


GeoGebra is a well-known mathematics tool and is included in the standard EdUBudgie installation because it is so widely used in schools these days

KAlgebra Math

KAlgebra is a plotting tool used to chart graphs of simple and complex functions alike

Kig Plot

KigPlot is another plotting tool with features similar to GeoGebra and KAlgebra but which may be preferable due to the way that the user interacts with the software in a simple, meaningful way

Many more packages exist in the Ubuntu software center for download as well as in .deb format from other places online for easy installation. The user can also install packages found in Snap package format, in AppImage format, and in FlatPak format as these have become very popular packaging formats for the Ubuntu operating system.

Your help with package selection is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts, concerns, requests, or simple comments about the packages chosen for inclusion or to make suggestions by clicking the link above or by checking out my contact page.

*NOTE: You may notice the two Anydesk icons on nearly all of these screenshots but Anydesk is NOT included in the package listing nor below. This was added separately after installation.Anydesk will NOT be included in the .iso download and is NOT installed by default, nor is it available in the Ubuntu repositories. Contact your system administrator or visit their website for more information.