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Who came up with EdUBudgie Linux, anyway?

If you would like to make a suggestion or have a complaint about anything in EdUBudgie Linux please feel free to use the email address below to email me and let me know what you think. As this is in part intended for installation on out-of-support Chromebooks I can not guarantee compatibility on any one particular device (Chromebook or otherwise), however whatever is supported by Ubuntu will also be supported by EdUBudgie Linux as it is made from Ubuntu and therefore includes the same device drivers.

Please bear in mind that this project is independently maintained by just one person.

Suggestions are highly appreciated as is any other feedback that you have. Requests for inclusion of package yyypackagezzz.deb or a change to some configuration will be considered and may be worked into future releases if the need justifies it.

Lastly, I would ask that you please be patient as this is being worked on in my spare time without any budget and a very slim set of resources.

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Project Team

As this is a very small project with no funding to speak of, I am working on this in my spare time on my own. My name is Adam and I am a Native English Teacher for a somewhat prestigious private school here in Istanbul, Turkey, on the Anatolian side where I live. I received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Alfred State College (SUNY) in Alfred, New York, in 2007 and graduated With Honors, having been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Society after two years. I have previously held a marketing position for a large global electrical manufacturer where I was the Associate Product Line Manager for LED Lighting and I taught for a year in Syracuse, New York before moving to Istanbul where I currently reside. I have been here now for over 5 years.

My passion for technology started at a young age with a near obsession with automobiles. Any chance that I could I would spend my time tearing the different subsystems down and putting them back together as best as I could, with tweaks and mods added in for fun, of course.

My love for computers and IT work was sparked while I was in University when two of my best friends introduced me to Red Hat Linux (I think that was version 6.0 or so on 5 or 6 separate CD's at the time). After many sleepless nights I finally had installed that onto an old donor machine running on a Pentium MMX. I have been an avid enthusiast ever since. As an English teacher I have my Level 1 Google Educator Certification and intend to get Level 2 one of these days here as well. My experience with this sort of thing also helped me and my team immensely during the days of the Coronavirus to do things such as making videos, sharing content, and simply helping others out with the general IT issues that they faced as our school's IT team was understandably under a LOT of pressure at the time (and still is!).

I honestly have no idea where this EdUBudgie Linux thing will go but I am in it for the long haul. Apart from hopefully helping students with their everyday work and spreading the Linux bug, this type of thing helps me personally to learn a TON about the technology as well. I hope that you will join me and perhaps in the future this team will expand to something greater. Until then you can find me at the following: