Complete Package List

What EXACTLY is included in EdUBudgie Linux?

Here you will find a complete listing of all of the packages in the EdUBudgie ISO file which will be included in your system upon installation.

Please note that to ensure the best experience, every installation of EdUBudgie Linux should be updated as SOON as it is installed. This not only guarantees that the user has the most up-to-date software and that everyone is running the same versions of each package, but it also means that the system will be as secure as it can be.

Updating can be done by using the updater software or by running the following command from the terminal:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

EdUBudgie Package Listing 24FEB20

If you need a particular version of this spreadsheet for some reason such as an Excel sheet in .xlsx format then you can contact me and I will email it to you as soon as it is convenient.