Where can I get EdUBudgie Linux?

Is there a Lite version?

If you would like to try out EdUBudgie 22.04.1 LTS but want a lighter experience which will use less drive space and will use fewer system resources and will be quicker to download, try out the EdUBudgie 22.04.1 LTS Lite version below.  The Lite version works well on Chromebooks which are limited to only 32GB storage drives and runs extremely well on devices with dual core processors such as Celeron N4000 with integrated graphics with only 4GB of system memory:

EdUBudgie Linux 22.04.1 LTS Lite Google Drive Download Link

EdUBudgie Linux 22.04.1 LTS Lite MD5 Checksum Download

Are previous versions of EdUBudgie Linux available?

Check out the old school 20.04 LTS version for nostalgia's sake, including a Lite version of 20.04 below:

EdUBudgie Lite 20.04 LTS Mediafire Download

If you are planning to install this on a Chromebook, I would recommend also downloading and installing the script below, as this will re-map the Chromebook-specific function keys to work well with EdUBudgie Linux.  I didn't write this but it works on my Acer C720P Chromebook well.  

To run this Chromebook-specific utility, do the following:

Mediafire Chromebook Tweaks Script Download 

How can I test EdUBudgie Linux if I don't have a spare computer to try it on?

Want to try to run EdUBudgie in a virtual machine?  

You can download VirtualBox from Oracle here.  

You will want to grab the newest version of VirtualBox (6.1.XX as of February 2021) for your host system along with the Guest Additions ISO disk and the Extension Pack.  Install VirtualBox itself, then install the Extension Pack from within the Preferences section of VirtualBox, then install EdUBudgie Linux as a new operating system in VirtualBox.  Once you have that all done, run the Guest Additions disk inside of EdUBudgie and install the additional software for Linux from there to be able to give you full control over EdUBudgie Linux for things such as correcting the screen resolution, etc. 

This video shows a quick 'n dirty way to get EdUBudgie Linux up and running easily with VirtualBox.  Links for the needed software are listed above and in the comments for this video.