EdUBudgie Linux

What is EdUBudgie Linux?

The EdUBudgie Linux 22.04 desktop with Budgie Raven panel

The Desktop

EdUBudgie Linux is a version of Ubuntu Budgie Linux pre-packaged with everything that a typical high school or university student should need to be successful in their student career.

EBL seeks to bring the legendary stability and versatility of Ubuntu with the simplicity and comfortable feel of Budgie along with a suite of packages that should suit nearly any student in high school and university with minimal post-install tweaking and package installation.

Education is a unique and exciting experience and deserves an equally unique and exciting operating system for students to learn with.

EdUBudgie Linux 22.04 LTS Update!

A Brief Overview of 22.04 LTS

This video goes over some of the updates that have been made to the 22.04 LTS version of EdUBudgie Linux and gives a bit of comparison versus Macos, Windows, ChromeOS, and the previous version of EdUBudgie Linux. More videos about how to use EdUBudgie Linux and how it compares to the alternatives will be coming very soon. Bookmark this page if you would like to keep up to date and check back soon!

EdUBudgie Linux 22.04 LTS Comparison to Windows 10 with Microsoft Office

A Quick Comparison with Windows and Office

This video is a short comparison between some of the commonly used programs in EdUBudgie Linux and Microsoft Windows with Office. Have a look to see just how easy it would be to migrate to an EdUBudgie-based system from a Microsoft-based one and save lots of $$$ for your school or district too!

EdUBudgie Linux 22.04 LTS vs. Windows 10 for Google Chrome Functionality

A Quick Comparison of Google Chrome Usage

This video is a shows that Google Chrome will perform exactly the same in EdUBudgie Linux as it will in Windows 10. This is important as so much work is done through the browser in classrooms. With EdUBudgie Linux there is no learning curve - it just works the way that it should.

What does EdUBudgie Linux look and feel like?

EdUBudgie Installation

Checkout the YouTube video next to this to see a (very) brief installation of EdUBudgie Linux. Note that this is NOT meant to be a tutorial NOR is it a complete video with all caveats mentioned. However, this shows a basic installation and hopefully will help some folks who are afraid of the word "Linux" and have nightmares of command lines and fdisk problems to be a bit more accepting of Linux in general. Ubuntu has done an amazing job of making the installation for modern Linux distributions much more straightforward as has RHEL and others, and EdUBudgie Linux uses the same software for its installation.

EdUBudgie Linux Intro

Here is the current EdUBudgie Linux 20.04 LTS edition. The video is only a quick look to get an idea of the desktop and a few of the programs that install by default. Have a look at this (and the install video above) and if you like what you see then download the iso file for install and give it a try for yourself (or for your school)!

EdUBudgie Linux in a virtual machine

This video goes over a quick 'n dirty way to get EdUBudgie Linux up and running in a virtual machine using VirtualBox from Oracle. You can use this as a starting point if you would like to test out EdUBudgie Linux or really any version of Linux such as Ubuntu or Red Hat.

EdUBudgie 19.10 - Where it all started...

This is a rather long video about the predecessor to EdUBudgie 20.04, the 19.10 non-LTS version. While the current version has changed quite a bit from what you see here, the logic was the same save for the decision to only work on LTS versions going forward. The 19.10 version is no longer available for download as it was really more of a beta build, but the video is still here to give an idea of where we have come from.

EdUBudgie Linux has joined the Open Invention Network!

The Open Invention Network is dedicated to patent non-aggression and invited the EdUBudgie Linux project to join the ranks of over 3400 other copanies and projects in it's efforts. This video gives a bit of information about what that means and why it matters.

What is Linux anyway?

YouTube video from LinusTechTips touting some of the advantages of LinuxAs for the penguin - that's a nod to 'Tux', the Linux mascot

You can think of the generic term "Linux" to mean a complete operating system like Windows Xp or Windows 10, or like Mac OSX. However, Linux itself is really only a small part of the operating system which would commonly (within the nerdier circles) be called GNU/Linux. Honestly though, if you hear 'Linux' you should basically think "this is that software which can replace Windows on my computer".

LinusTechTips on YouTube has a good video touting some of the advantages of Linux itself and this MIGHT help to clear some of this up. For reference, in case you don't know, when he says "gooey" he is pronouncing GUI or graphical user interface which is just the visual parts of software that you interact with using a mouse and keyboard. He says it a LOT so it is worth pointing out for the uninitiated. Anyway, have a look for some more information about Linux in general or do yourself a favor and do a quick YouTube search for Linux for tons more information about the software, community, etc.

Why should I switch to EdUBudgie Linux?

Many websites have given great lists of reasons to switch to Linux. Follow this link for detailed information about some of the differences between Linux and Windows. The key points made in the article for switching from Windows to Linux are as follows, with some notes added that pertain directly to EdUBudgie Linux:

  1. No forced updates

  2. Linux (and EdUBudgie Linux) is free

  3. Linux covers your essential needs (and EdUBudgie Linux covers all of your educational needs specifically!)

  4. Linux is more secure

  5. Linux is more private

  6. No built-in advertising

  7. Linux is open source (note that EdUBudgie uses SOME proprietary software but is almost entirely open source)

  8. Gaming on Linux is better than ever (which of course YOUR student would never do in the classroom, obviously)

  9. Linux revives old PCs (and for that matter EdUBudgie Linux specifically revives old Chromebooks, too!)

  10. Large organizations and governments have adopted it

  11. Linux is highly customizable (and this customization has been done already with education in mind on EdUBudgie Linux)

  12. Linux has a helpful community

Please check out the original article for more details by visiting the MakeUseOf website or by clicking here. While EdUBudgie Linux DOES use some proprietary software such as the Google Chrome browser, we hope to become entirely open source in the future once the education market is ready for it.

If you have any questions, comments, or hostile disagreements, feel free to email the EdUBudgie team. Otherwise, head on over to the Download page to get your copy of EdUBudgie Linux to try our for yourself or for your school today!