EdUBudgie Lite

What is EdUBudgie Lite?

EdUBudgie Lite is a lighter version of EdUBudgie Linux! In other words, it is a version of EdUBudgie Linux with the same look 'n feel and same advantages as EdUBudgie but with fewer packages and applications installed by default.

Recently, a review was posted that mentioned that EdUBudgie Linux is too large to be easily downloaded and installed in some countries or areas due to limited bandwidth and connection speeds. As this distribution is intended to be used anywhere and by anyone, and with a focus on underfunded school districts, this is a completely understandable difficulty that some locales may face. With that in mind, EdUBudgie Lite 20.04.02 is still quite large for a Linux distribution at 3.4GB, but will hopefully be easier to download for those with limited acces to higher speed connections. The package set is limited (a full package listing will be available soon), but this should still satisfy the needs of many current Windows or Mac users looking to switch to Linux for purposes of education.

Please feel free to download EdUBudgie Lite here or from our Download page which includes both the Full Experience and Lite versions, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, comments, compliments, or hostile disagreements, please feel free to email and let us know!

More information on EdUBUdgie Lite including a package listing and a YouTube video exploring this new version will be coming soon and as always thank you for your feedback!!!