How to help out with EdUBudgie Linux's future!

While EdUBudgie is a new ditribution, the intent is to keep developing it with a 22.04 LTS version, an ARM-based version for ARM Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi's, and, if possible, an EdUBudgie Server 22.04 LTS edition as well offering easy setup for Linux running a school's (or school district's) backend. As one can imagine, working on these things costs time and money and, being an English teacher in a place where the currency is still considered emerging is, well, financially difficult at best.

Any possible donation would be greatly appreciated. For now, if you are considering donating to EdUBudgie Linux development the best way to get the ball rolling is to simply send me an email. From there I will send you details for sending PayPal donations.

Any donations will be used to support EdUBudgie Linux alone and will be used for hardware primarily, and possibly ongoing costs such as this site or, perhaps in the future, server space if needed and possible.

If your school or district is interested in me creating a custom ISO for your particular school then feel free to email me as well. For a price, I can change the default Budgie menu icon and desktop wallpapers, and can add in or remove specific packages if desired, to customize an installer image for your team in order to further ease your IT burden.

Regardless, I sincerely appreciate your support, whether financial or by offering feedback or even simply by getting the word out about EdUBudgie Linux!